Guaranteed Sterile Universal SteriBump® Can Help Reduce Infections at the Surgical Site

Guaranteed Sterile Universal SteriBump® Can Help Reduce Infections at the Surgical Site

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (April 20, 2018) – In order to prevent surgical site infection, any material entering the sterile field during surgery needs to be as free from contaminants as possible. A potential cause of contamination in the OR can be the result of using cloth material when positioning patients.

Historically, cloth has been the primary material of hospital sheets, towels, and gowns used in surgical procedures. But cloth has several drawbacks, requiring washing, de-linting, sterilizing and storing. More importantly, a study* found that cotton towels were the number one producer of lint, a common carrier of microorganism debris into the sterile field, possibly contaminating the surgical site.

In place of cloth bundling, Innovative Medical Products created the Universal SteriBump® surgical bump, a latex-free, contoured, polyurethane foam block with a closed-cell geometry, to significantly reduce foreign particulates during surgery. Protected by guaranteed sterile packaging, and ready to use for multiple applications, the SteriBump® ensures product sterility, while providing the patient and the surgical team a physical platform that can securely elevate a patient’s limb in the sterile field when required.

The SteriBump® not only reduces the potential for foreign particulates to become airborne and enter a surgical site, but the IMP solution also offers a consistent size and stable density for a sterile platform that proves to be less costly and less labor-intensive than having OR staff put together a handmade cloth bundle. With the SteriBump®, it’s like having an extra pair of hands in the OR.

SteriBump’s® contoured cradle shape provides a more secure elevated positioning of the patient’s extremities in the sterile field and its rectangular design provides a choice of multiple heights and angles for such procedures as extremity trauma, vascular surgery, shoulder abduction, lateral shoulder arthroscopy, carpal tunnel, and incision closure of total hip or total knee surgeries.

Using the SteriBump® is easier, faster and safer than bundling cloth towels. Its single-use feature means there’s never a question of sterility, eliminating cross-contamination. The
polyurethane-foam SteriBump® offers surgeons a more stable, rigid, positioning solution that will not shift or move during surgery as often happens with cloth bundling.

About Innovative Medical Products

Innovative Medical Products Inc® designs, manufactures and brings to market patient positioning devices for healthcare and sports-related surgeries. With more than 40 years experience in supporting hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics, IMP provides patient positioning accuracy to a surgical procedure including robotic and computer-assisted surgeries. IMP devices save hospital and surgery center costs by minimizing staff to stabilize a patient or limb during surgery, as well as protecting the patient from the side effects of long surgical procedures. IMP manufactures, patents and trademarks products to Federal and international standards for quality and safety for both the patient and the healthcare institution.

*L. Page, Materials Magn Mar. 05 pg. 243 - W. Truscott, Ph.D., Impact of Microscopic Foreign Debris on Post Surgical Complications, Surgical
Tech. Int. XII 2004, 41.

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  • ...we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
  • Our hospital purchased the Universal SteriBump® to replace our handmade ‘bundles’ for many of the same reasons that hospitals moved away from re-sterilizing cloth OR table drapes some years ago. 

    - Anonymous -Central Sterile Services (CSS) Administrator