Innovative Medical Products expands line of patient protective pads to benefit overall patient surgical experience

Innovative Medical Products expands line of patient protective pads to benefit overall patient surgical experience

Known for its world-class positioning devices for orthopedic surgeries, IMP also produces a wide assortment of patient protective pads.

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (November 28, 2017) – Besides its renown as a global leader in the manufacture of patient positioning devices for orthopedic surgical procedures, Innovative Medical Products Inc.® has developed a wide range of innovative patient protective pads that help improve patient safety, speed surgical recovery and assist OR staff in achieving better patient outcomes.

IMP’s patient protective pad solutions include:
  • Humbles LapWrap®: easy-to-use positioning pad not only secures patients’ arms during surgery but also allows access for IV tubes and leads for anesthesia.
  • Universal SteriBump®: guarantees sterility, helping to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) at the surgical site.
  • SuperBump™: sterile, weighted, single-use solution is designed to be positioned on top of the OR table drapes at any location on the operating table during a Total Knee procedure.
  • Hip Abduction Pillows: with a unique convoluted foam design, this solution assures greater patient comfort and easier nursing care after hip surgery.
  • Sterile Protective Pads: for use with all positioning devices including the De Mayo Knee Positoner®, De Mayo Ankle Distractor®, Universal Lateral Positioner®, De Mayo Hip Positioners®, Knee Positioning Triangle™, Morphboard®, and Tibial Distractor™.
  • IMP’s Gel-Infused Memory Pads: provide for better patient protection during surgical procedures including robotic surgery; the Gel-Infused Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to fit specific IMP patient positioning systems; these include: IMP’s entire family of De Mayo Knee Positioners®, the De Mayo Universal Distractor®, and IMP’s MorphBoard® Positioning System.
  • IMP’s “Value Added Commitment” (VAC): the sterile protective pads are a component of IMP’s Value Added Commitment program where participants who use IMP positioners and patient protective pads exclusively, in accordance with IMP protocol, can receive value-added benefits and services for the life of their IMP positioners.
About Innovative Medical Products

Innovative Medical Products Inc.® designs, manufactures, and brings to market patient positioning devices for healthcare and sports related surgeries. With more than 40 years of experience in supporting hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics, IMP provides positioning products that stabilize and protect patients during navigated, computer-assisted and robotic surgeries. IMP devices save hospital and surgery center costs by minimizing staff, decreasing liability and improving the overall patient experience. IMP manufactures, patents and trademarks products to Federal and International standards for quality and safety for both the patient and the healthcare institution.

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  • ...we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
  • Our hospital purchased the Universal SteriBump® to replace our handmade ‘bundles’ for many of the same reasons that hospitals moved away from re-sterilizing cloth OR table drapes some years ago. 

    - Anonymous -Central Sterile Services (CSS) Administrator