Tri-Pull™ Secure Shoulder Solution Provides Surgeons Maximum Rotation Control in Shoulder Surgeries

Tri-Pull™ Secure Shoulder Solution Provides Surgeons Maximum Rotation Control in Shoulder Surgeries

Three systems work together to secure, distract, and control rotation of the shoulder precisely how the surgeon wants it

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (June 12, 2017) – The Tri-Pull™ Secure Shoulder Solution, from Innovative Medical Products, employs three proven systems to confidently secure, distract and control precise rotation of the shoulder during surgical procedures. IMP’s Tri-Pull™ solution includes the Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner™, De Mayo RoTractor®, and the Phase 4 Gel™ Splint.

The patented Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner™ provides controlled shoulder distraction with three planes of adjustment for maximum flexibility. The positioner’s patented vertical safety stops eliminate concerns about the equipment slumping or falling onto the patient during surgery, for additional protection. The positioner is designed for surgery in the lateral position or in conjunction with a Beach Chair Positioner.

The De Mayo RoTractor® adapter delivers complete surgeon control of the patient’s shoulder, holding the arm securely in place in varying degrees of rotation. The patent-pending De Mayo RoTractor® provides the surgeon not only access to the surgical site but also the ability to “dial” in the rotation and lock it in place while maintaining distraction.

The easy-to-apply, non-irritating Phase 4 Gel™ Splint is designed with a natural wrist contour for increased comfort while maintaining patient anatomy and improving patient safety. The splint’s three positioning holes work with any company’s pole-style shoulder positioner that utilizes hooks. In addition, these holes align perfectly with the De Mayo RoTractor® adapter, allowing it to rotate and securely position the patient’s arm.

These three IMP systems also work independently and can be used with many manufacturers’ positioning products.

About Innovative Medical Products

Innovative Medical Products Inc.® designs, manufactures, and brings to market patient positioning devices for healthcare and sports related surgeries. With more than 40 years of experience in supporting hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics, IMP provides positioning products that stabilize and protect patients during navigated, computer-assisted and robotic surgeries. IMP devices save hospital and surgery center costs by minimizing staff, decreasing liability and improving the overall patient experience. IMP manufactures, patents and trademarks products to Federal and International standards for quality and safety for both the patient and the healthcare institution.

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  • ...we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
  • Our hospital purchased the Universal SteriBump® to replace our handmade ‘bundles’ for many of the same reasons that hospitals moved away from re-sterilizing cloth OR table drapes some years ago. 

    - Anonymous -Central Sterile Services (CSS) Administrator