Innovative Medical Products’ De Mayo Universal Distractor® enables surgeons to achieve precise, finite joint distraction throughout surgical procedure

Innovative Medical Products’ De Mayo Universal Distractor® enables surgeons to achieve precise, finite joint distraction throughout surgical procedure

Allows for easy insertion of instruments, trials, and implants while performing Uni, TKA, ACL and Tibial Plateau surgeries

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (April 25, 2019) - In enabling the surgeon to fully control and maintain knee joint distraction during surgery, Innovative Medical Products’ De Mayo Universal Distractor® lets the surgeon see just how much the joint is being distracted at any point during the procedure. This advantage eliminates the need for an assistant to physically manipulate the knee joint or for the surgeon to gauge distraction by applying pressure to the joint with the aid of a bone hook, or other instruments in the joint space, significantly reducing surgical procedure time.


The IMP distractor, used in conjunction with the De Mayo Knee Positioner®, is a sterile external device that enables the surgeon to independently control the distracting of the knee joint. The distractor, which attaches to the bracket on the back of the De Mayo boot, applies finite pressure to separate the joint space by means of a handle on the device that incrementally pumps the required tension, allowing a completely unobstructed view of the operative site for either right or left leg procedures on any sized patient.


In addition, the IMP solution features a sterile pressure protector pad that shields the popliteal area of the knee from direct pressure to the popliteal nerve and soft tissue. Designed with an inner core of dense, non-collapsible plastic material covering the square tube portion of the distractor, the pad cannot roll or rotate, while still providing a wide distribution of forces protecting the delicate structures of the knee.


Part of the De Mayo Positioner™ family, IMP’s De Mayo Universal Distractor® surgical distractor has proven to be “another pair of hands” in the OR, assisting the orthopedic surgical team, while helping a hospital or surgical facility to deploy its human resources more effectively.



For more information about the De Mayo Universal Distractor® and the De Mayo Positioner™ family, please contact Innovative Medical Products, 87 Spring Lane, P.O. Box 8028, Plainville, CT 06062; phone: 860-310-1965 or toll free: 800-467-4944; or visit


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Innovative Medical Products Inc® designs, manufactures, and brings to market patient positioning devices for healthcare and sports related surgeries. With more than 40 years’ experience in supporting hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics, IMP provides patient positioning accuracy to a surgical procedure including robotic and computer-assisted surgeries.  IMP devices save hospital and surgery center costs by minimizing staff to stabilize a patient or limb during surgery, as well as protecting the patient from the side effects of long surgical procedures. IMP manufactures, patents and trademarks products to Federal and international standards for quality and safety for both the patient and the healthcare institution. For more information, visit:


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  • ...we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
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