Innovative Medical Products Patents (IMP)

IMP Patents

The products displayed for sale on this site are covered by one or more utility or design patents and/or pending patents applied for in the United States and worldwide, including:

CAT# Product Patent Description Patent# Issue Date
120 Quad Clamp Equalizer Clamp Assembly, System And Method 11,400,006 Aug 2, 2022
105 MorphBoard  Modular Surgical Positioner MorphBoard 7,100,225 September 5, 2006
194 Steri-Clamp Universal Clamp 5,535,973 July 16, 1996
198 Femur Finder  Tool for inserting an intramedullary guide wire 6,309,396 October 30, 2001
294 Knee Positioner  Knee Positioner  5,462,551 October 31, 1995
298 Hyperflexion Plate Universal Lateral Positioner  6,003,176 December 21, 1999
412 De Mayo Universal Comfort  Finger Trap  Method and Apparatus for Securing a Patients Hand during Arthroscopy and Surgery 8,839,797 September 23, 2014
602 Tibial Distractor  Tibial Distraction Device 6,953,443 October 11, 2005
907 De Mayo Universal Distractor Non-Invasive Femoral Distractor for Knee Surgery 8,048,082 November 1, 2011
1084 McGuire Pelvic Positioner Pelvic Support for Surgical Operations  3,844,550 October 29, 1974
1101 De Mayo Hip Positioner Lateral Surgical Positioner Unit 6,820,621 November 23, 2004
1109 De Mayo Ankle Distractor Modular Distractor for use in Ankle Surgery 9,314,272 April 19, 2016
1198 E-Z Turn Strap Bed Patient Positioning Arrangement 6,073,279 June 13, 2000
1007 Clip-On Patient Protective Pads  CPM, LPM, RPM Dual Compression Pads for Surgical Positioners 7,426,930 September 23, 2008
105-4 MorphBoard Leg Extension Kit Surgical Patient Positioner Leg Extension 7,415,741 August 26, 2008
108MB MAKO Swing Arm  Sterile Operating Table Extension 8,132,278 March 13, 2012
1091-B Turnstile Casting Stand Non-fold Casting Stand 5,242,140 September 7, 1993
1101-CPM Clip-On™ Patient Protective Pads for De Mayo Hip Positioner  Dual Compression Pads for Surgical Positioners 7,426,930 September 23, 2008
114-CR-2 / 803-114C Carriage for V2 / D2 De Mayo Knee Positioner Knee Positioner With Expandable Carriage 9,993,381 June 12, 2018
114-CR-2 / 803-114C Carriage for V2 / D2 De Mayo Knee Positioner Knee Positioner With Expandable Carriage EU 3,213,729 September 12, 2018
201A / 201B Surgical Drill and screw guide  Combined Surgical Drill and Surgical Screw Guide 6,416,518 July 9, 2002
415-215 TrenMax® Clamp Clamp For Surgical Support Table  D816,848 May 1, 2018
707-CPM Clip-On™ Single Patient Protective Pad Dual Compression Pads for Surgical Positioners 7,426,930 September 23, 2008
713-302 / 713-717 / 713-803 De Mayo Push Button Clamp - Standard and Long Operating Table Quick Release Clamp 9,022,334 May 5, 2015
903 / 803 De Mayo Single Lever Clamp - Locking Levers Operating Table Support Clamp 7,003,827 February 28, 2006
903 / 803 Spring Loaded Fold Down Pins Operating Table Support Clamp 7,380,299 June 3, 2008
904-G / G EX Humbles LapWrap and Extensions  Surgical Arm Positioning Pad (Humbles) 8,001,635 August 23, 2011
415-ABX Estape TrenMAX® Arm Board Extension Arm Holder for Operating Table D838857  January 22, 2019
114 De Mayo V2E Knee Positioner Surgical Patient Positioner Apparatus, System And Method 10,357,416 July 23, 2019
1109-115 De Mayo Ankle Distractor Accessory Elevation Device for Modular Distractor for use in Ankle and Leg Surgery 10,357,236 July 23, 2019


  • “It’s very helpful in the OR, for example, we used it last weekend on a sub troch fracture in the lateral position and it helped us position.” 

    - Dr. James Cameron -MD
  • “I like the SteriBump because it’s lint-free, safer for patient positioning because it’s more secure and easier for the doctor to use than wrapping towels.”

    - Caitlyn Pourcho -RN, OR Circulator
  • “From establishing the position and securing the patient to performing procedures and testing range of motion, we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.” 

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
  • Our hospital purchased SteriBump® to replace our handmade ‘bundles’ for many of the same reasons that hospitals moved away from re-sterilizing cloth OR table drapes some years ago. 

    - Anonymous -Central Sterile Services (CSS) Administrator
  • "The best reason I have for using the SteriBump is that it is sterile every time. The sterility is validated. We were using rolled blankets that were sterilized before this that were sterilized in Sterile Processing. It's one less item they have to deal with and try to keep up with."

    - Brenda Conbeer -OR Inventory Coordinator