Surgical Bumps

Using cloth-wrapped bundles in the O.R is not an AORN recommended practice. The lint from cloth-bundles are unsafe and can cause post-surgical complications. To prevent lint fibers being used in the O.R, IMP has offered SteriBump, a foam sterile surgical bump. SteriBump has the functionality of traditional cloth-bundles, just without the cloth. IMP offers 3 versions of SteriBump.

Surgical Bump Products

SteriBump UE Sterile

A shorter version of SteriBump, this alternative to cloth bundling is intended to be used for the upper-extremities of a patient. Still sterile, cost-effective, and time-saving.

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SuperBump is a sterile, cost-effective, time-saving alternative to cloth bundling for patient protection and support in the OR SuperBump has the option to add weights so that the bump is even sturdier on the OR table.

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