Positioned To Perform

At IMP, we are driven to continually develop innovative positioning devices and services that benefit and improve surgical efficiency.

Decades of Ingenuity in Surgical Positioning Excellence

Since 1984, Innovative Medical Products (IMP) has been a trailblazer in crafting intuitive surgical positioning devices.

Committed to setting the gold standard, we continuously strive to develop innovative solutions that enhance surgical efficiency in operating rooms, sterile processing departments, and ASC’s. At IMP, our focus is on creating surgical positioning devices that not only provide precision for surgeons but also streamline processes, saving valuable time for O.R. personnel. Our dedication extends to improving the overall patient surgical experience, aligning with the latest advancements in robotics and minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS). This positions IMP as a key partner for world-leading surgeons and orthopedic companies dedicated to advancing patient outcomes and surgical techniques.


Become an IMP MVP Member Today

At IMP, we believe in pushing the boundaries of technical innovation. We also know every patient undergoing a surgical procedure deserves confidence in the performance and reliability of the products used in the OR. Ensuring that trust relies on a joint effort with you to deliver patient protection. We call it: IMP MVP (Most Valuable Partner).

Our Brand Promise

Our promise is to develop and innovate surgical positioning devices that benefit patients and improve surgical efficiency.

Our brand is built on innovation — working tirelessly to design surgical positioning devices that reduce staff fatigue and facilitate better patient outcomes.


IMP is...

Customer Focused

We are solution-oriented & knowledgeable; always putting the needs of our customers first. We provide innovative products and invaluable support to help surgeons and OR personnel care for their patients and provide better outcomes.


We are open to new ideas, setting high standards for ourselves and our products. We challenge ourselves every day to do better and reach further.


We simplify the complex, designing products that provide accuracy for the surgeon and save time for OR personnel.


We are approachable and honest, a company you can trust because we ensure our products work for you. We are open to feedback, listening and partnering with you, to ensure that you get what you need. We do not complicate our message or make it difficult to understand.

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