Innovative Medical Products
Management Team


Alan A. Wasley

President and CEO

Alan is a founding partner of IMP and PMC Industries, while serving in an active, hands-on role as President and CEO. Alan brings invaluable experience in the area of manufacturing concept and design. He is the third generation head of Wasley Products, a Connecticut design and fabrication company.

In Memoriam


James R. Bailey

Co-Founder | President 1984-2021

Prior to Jim’s passing in 2021, Jim was President and Co-Founder of IMP and PMC Industries. He possessed vast business experience and a keen insight into the orthopedic industry which played a major role in our company’s growth and success over these many years. Jim’s vibrant personality and positivity was shared with everyone he met and worked with.


Andy Brady

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Brady serves as the CFO/Treasurer at IMP, bringing extensive experience in finance and accounting to his role. Holding a BS in Accounting from Central Connecticut State College (1977), Andy has amassed over 45 years of combined corporate and public accounting experience. Andy’s vision revolves around fostering continuous company growth while prioritizing a positive work environment for all employees. Originally working with Wasley Products, his role transitioned to working with IMP directly and his contribution has been integral to the company’s success and financial well-being. Beyond his professional pursuits, Andy finds joy in sports and cherishes quality time spent with his family.


Rich Larkin

Chief Operating Officer

Rich Larkin has a diverse background from many industries including medical, aerospace, telecom and automotive. He has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Auburn University. He was also the Chair of Central Connecticut State University’s Institute for Technology and Business Development (ITBD) from 2008-2010 and the Executive Secretary for New England Spring and Metalstampers Association from 2003-2006. His medical manufacturing experience has centered around patient positioning, sterilization, and orthopedics. A former US Navy Officer, Rich served in the first Gulf War and has also been a Past President of Bristol Rotary and a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International. Rich has also been involved with several non-profit boards in Connecticut. Rich and his wife Kim live in Connecticut.

Mike Reilly

Chief Commercial Officer,
VP Sales & Marketing

As the Chief Commercial Officer and VP of Sales & Marketing, Mike spearheads IMP’s global sales and marketing strategy, overseeing all products, brands, and distribution channels. With a background spanning over two decades in the healthcare sector, Mike brings vast experience to his role. His strategic expertise is instrumental in developing Sales, Marketing and Distribution plans that not only accelerate, but also ensure sustained growth for IMP.

Mike’s impact is felt across the organization. He led the comprehensive rebranding initiative to redefine IMP’s visual identity by modernizing the brand and propelling the company into a dynamic and contemporary landscape. His strategic rebranding efforts symbolize a commitment to embracing the opportunities that lie ahead for IMP. His mission is simple; grow the company via new product development and strategic partnerships and transform challenges into opportunities to steer IMP towards continued success.


Sandi Dumas-Laferriere

Director Human Resources

Sandi Dumas-Laferriere serves as the Director of Human Resources at IMP, backed by a business management degree from the State University of New York and graduate studies at Tunxis College. With a career entrenched in the Wasley Group for over seven years, Sandi has held pivotal roles, notably as the Director of Human Resources for Innovative Medical Products and its manufacturing division, PMC Industries, since 1983. At IMP, her role is instrumental in utilizing her strong interpersonal skills to create an environment that fosters inclusivity and support among the workforce, while also striving to achieve corporate goals. Outside of her professional commitments, Sandi finds joy in travel, engaging in computer and card games, and expressing her passion for country line dancing.


Joe Gentile

Regional Sales Manager

Joe Gentile serves as the Northern
US Regional Sales Manager at IMP, leveraging a strong educational background with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Fordham University and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In his role at IMP, Joe’s extensive sales and sales management experience become vital contributions to the company’s overall success. His commitment aligns seamlessly with IMP’s mission, ensuring that his goals harmonize with the company’s continued growth and prosperity. Beyond his professional pursuits, Joe finds solace in hiking, savoring good food, and cherishing quality time with his family and friends.


Jeff Gordon

Regional Sales Manager

Jeff Gordon brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the US Southern Regional Sales Manager at IMP. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and an Executive MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Within IMP, Jeff’s role involves leading a diverse team of sales professionals across 19 US States, ensuring clinical success in patient positioning within surgical facilities. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeff’s passion for sports extends to coaching and competing as a nationally ranked age group triathlete.


Kathy Willard

Customer Service Manager

Kathy Willard holds the position of Customer Service Manager at IMP, bringing a wealth of experience spanning various roles in her 36-year career. Graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a BS in Marketing, Kathy has developed her skills through diverse roles including Purchasing, Product Manager, Medical Sales Representative, Sales Director, and Customer Service Manager. Within IMP, Kathy’s role as Customer Service Manager is instrumental in providing crucial customer and sales support, contributing significantly to the company’s success and mission. Personally, Kathy finds fulfillment in assisting others, engaging in reading, exploring new destinations, and contributing to animal welfare.


Justin Lewis

Marketing Manager

Justin Lewis is the Marketing Manager at IMP, holding a B.S. in Marketing and an MBA from American International College, while boasting seven years of specialized marketing experience in construction supply and medical equipment industries. Within IMP, Justin’s role significantly contributes to ensuring that the brand, the website, and the products align effectively with the needs of hospital staff and patients. Outside of work, Justin finds joy in coaching soccer, snowboarding, exploring new destinations through travel, enjoying board games, and spending time with family and friends.


Logan Sloan

Senior Quality Engineer

Logan Sloan is a seasoned Sr. Quality Engineer leveraging his expertise from UCONN and holding an ISO 13485 Certification. With seven years dedicated to quality roles, Logan’s journey began as an intern at IMP and evolved into a full-time position. At IMP, Logan plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of the company’s products. Beyond his professional endeavors, Logan finds enjoyment in board games and indulges his curiosity through reading.

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