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In-services are an important component of hospital operations that support staff education, patient safety, quality improvement, and compliance. They play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the hospital’s capacity to provide the best possible care to patients. Schedule an in-service with IMP to get the most out of your IMP equipment, or see why we are the right fit for your facility.

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Now that you’re using IMP equipment, this would be the perfect time for one of our trained representatives to visit your facility and show you our products in-person.


Educate & Train

As your staff grows and changes at your facility, or you just want to give your team a refresher course on the IMP equipment you already own, let us know and we will gladly send an IMP representative to your facility to educate and train your staff.



If you need assistance while using your IMP equipment, please contact your local IMP representative or IMP. Always follow the Instructions for Use (IFU) when using your equipment too. Please refer to our IFU and Documentation page to learn more about each product and how they operate.


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