About IMP

Innovative Medical Products (IMP) is a global pioneer in the design and distribution of surgical positioning devices and patient protective pads. Since our inception in 1984 in Plainville, CT, IMP has remained dedicated to the advancement and promotion of groundbreaking products aimed at enhancing efficiency in operating rooms and hospital clinics, particularly in scenarios demanding precise patient stability and positioning.

The core of our mission is the ongoing commitment to developing products that enhance the surgical experience for surgeons, hospital staff, and patients.

The ever-evolving landscape of minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS) and the integration of robotic-assisted surgeries open doors for IMP to forge partnerships with globally renowned surgeons and orthopedic companies. These collaborations are driven by a shared dedication to enhancing patient outcomes and advancing surgical techniques.

Central to our operations is the unwavering goal of developing and manufacturing high-quality products that meet United States and select O.U.S. standards. We strive to bring innovative ideas to the market, offering hospitals substantial time and cost savings, empowering surgeons with enhanced precision, and contributing significantly to positive patient outcomes.

Innovative Medical Products is ISO 13485 Certified!​

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