Maintenance, Repairs, & Loaners

During its daily use, you depend on your medical equipment to operate at its best. Our team ensures that your equipment is always ready by coordinating preventative maintenance, repairs, and access to loaners.

Preventative Maintenance

Prolong the lifespan and reliability of your orthopedic positioning equipment through these steps:



If your IMP equipment isn’t performing optimally, simply contact IMP. Our repair process is efficient and straightforward. We’ll guide you through diagnosing the issue, and if needed, you can send the equipment to us. We’ll evaluate, repair, test, and return it promptly, ensuring you’re back up and running with your equipment*.

Repair Your Product


We understand the inconvenience of equipment downtime for you and your health system. To mitigate this, we are pleased to offer loaner options during equipment repairs. Simply let us know your required product, and we will promptly arrange delivery, ensuring surgery schedules remain unaffected.

Repair Your Product

*For a repair to be processed, all components must be from the same original product. This can be checked by matching the serial ID’s on each part of the product. For example, if you were to repair your D2 positioner, the original boot, carriage, and baseplate would need to be sent in.

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