Positioning Products

Positioning Products

At IMP, we are driven to continually develop innovative surgical orthopedic positioning devices that improve efficiency in the operating room while ensuring patient safety. Our surgical positioning devices for the operating room are designed to provide accuracy for the surgeon, save time for O.R. personnel, simplify sterile processing demands, and benefit the overall patient surgical experience. Advancements in robotics and minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS) bring opportunities for IMP to partner with surgeons who are world leaders, and orthopedic companies committed to improving patient outcomes and surgical techniques.

Positioning Products

Knee Positioners

A full range of knee positioning products that reduce surgeon fatigue and assist in stabilization. Let our positioner do the heavy lifting.

Hip/Lateral Positioners

A full range of hip/lateral positioning products that accommodate a wide range of patient BMI’s. Hip surgery has never been more stable.

Protective Pads and Disposables

When using IMP positioners, we recommend you use the highest quality of patient pads and disposables with our products. Find your perfect foam product.

Surgical Bumps

Various surgical bumps that are lint, sterile, and latex free. They have a wide range of use in the OR, and are a much safer (and cost effective) option than bundling linens.

Other Innovative Products

We offer more than hip and knee positioners. Check out our other various surgical positioners.

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