MVP Program

Most Valuable Partner

Together we can bring the best to every patient.

At IMP, we believe in pushing the boundaries of technical innovation. We also know every patient undergoing a surgical procedure deserves confidence in the performance and reliability of the products used in the OR. Ensuring that trust relies on a joint effort with you to deliver patient protection. We call it: IMP MVP (Most Valuable Partner).


IMP MVP is more than patient protection. It’s sustained product performance, reliability, and future value.

Become an IMP MVP Member


IMP positioner-designed patient protective pads.

Automatic Qualification



Positioner loaner support during repairs.


Lifetime costs of positioner maintenance.


Product performance and clinical peace of mind.

*To qualify, please contact your IMP sales representative for details.

Positioned for Performance.

Becoming an IMP MVP is simple: start using our positioner-designed pads. These patient protective pads reduce the risk of perioperative injuries to your patients. They are also designed for our positioners, so you and your facility can comply with our IFU’s. The result — operating room staff and surgeons have the equipment they need for optimal performance.

You will also benefit from these exclusive products and service offerings:

Beyond Patient Protection

Most Valuable Partner


*Upgrades refer to component part changes during repairs which are identified by IMP in subject repair quote.
**One time contact with a professional SPD consultant.

Let’s Become Partners. Join IMP MVP.

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