TUFFease® Gel Surgical Pads

TUFFease® Gel Surgical Pads

The best for pressure ulcer protection

Tuffease pressure reducing gel pads offer a softer, more supple cover for added patient protection.  Made from durable, reusable materials, Tuffease are less likely to be punctured or torn than many alternative pads.  Help prevent pressure ulcers with the more comfortable, more durable, environmentally friendly pad.

  • Durable protection against the escalating problem of pressure ulcers
  • Formulated from renewable resources, the viscoelastic gel is encased in a tough but supple polyether-polyurethane film
  • Best compromise between durability and patient protection
  • Reusable, easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Standard sizes and shapes designed for maximum flexibility
Associated Surgical Positioners:

TUFFease® Gel Surgical Pads

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  • ...we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field.

    - Ed De Mayo M.D. -Device Inventor
  • Our hospital purchased the Universal SteriBump® to replace our handmade ‘bundles’ for many of the same reasons that hospitals moved away from re-sterilizing cloth OR table drapes some years ago. 

    - Anonymous -Central Sterile Services (CSS) Administrator