OR Table Armboard Pads

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OR Table Armboard Pads

CAT #398-ABG

To ensure comfort for patients and ideal working conditions for physicians, it’s imperative to utilize high-quality hospital table pads. IMP OR Table Armboard Pads are designed to be used with the De Mayo Knee Positioner® system.

OR Arm Pads
OR Arm Pads
Features & Benefits
  • Each pad is cleanable and covered with a green, 4-way stretch, soft skin conductive cover. Offers extra flexibility and increases pad longevity.
  • Armboard pads prevent hyperextension of the elbow.
Product Use

Always consult the IFU before use. This device is not designed, sold or intended for use except as indicated.

Packaging Information
Armboard Pad Set (26" x 6")

Catalog 398-ABG

Quantity: 2

OR Table Pads (Green)

Catalog 398-LG

Quantity: 3

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