De Mayo Adapt2Fit® Knee Positioner

Knee positioning leg holders for precise patient positioning

Knee Positioners

De Mayo Adapt2Fit® Knee Positioner

CAT #1020

The De Mayo Adapt2Fit is an orthopedic accessory that provides stability and intraoperative positioning of the patient’s leg during total knee replacement surgery, while also accomodating partial knee replacement and total revision. The product contains a boot with a ball-joint to securely attach the foot, a carriage that can slide along the baseplate, and a table clamp. This product also solves the common issues of sterile processing departments such as smaller autoclaves, limited storage space, and condensed soak sinks by condensing down into two separate 16” baseplates that quickly breaks down the positioner to half of its overall length. The result of two 16” baseplates is a longer positioner. The Adapt2Fit is 32” long, which is a full 2-7” longer than previous models, granting more surface area for full flexion and extension without moving the baseplate. This saves valuable time and labor for SPD departments during the sterilization and setup process, while also freeing up OR staff during surgery.

De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
De Mayo Adapt2Fit
Features & Benefits
  • Longest length De Mayo Knee Positioner at 32”.
  • Extremely stable on the OR Table.
  • Positioner supports complete weight of limb.
  • Improves case efficiency with surgeons and staff.
  • Easy function in the sterile field.
  • Having the positioner acts as an additional assistant in the OR.
OR Staff
  • Positioner matches length to the table well.
  • Single tray creates efficiency when setting up the positioner.
  • Reduces staff fatigue during procedures.
  • Easy set up in the sterile field over sterile drapes.
  • IMP patient protective pads are designed to prevent contact between the patient and the positioner.
  • Breaks down into two pieces.
  • Easier to disinfect than longer, one-piece units.
  • Simplifies sterilization, increasing turn-around time & productivity.
  • Fits into a single sterilization case, allowing for smaller storage spaces.
  • Sterile cases simplify blue wrapping for sterilization.
  • Sterile cases help reduce the risk of strike-through in blue wraps.
  • Sterile case insert fits into sterile container, eliminating blue wrap.
Product Use

Always consult the IFU before use. The De Mayo Adapt2Fit Modular Knee Positioner’s intended use is to position the patient’s leg during a surgical procedure, including but not limited to total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and revision. This device is not designed, sold, or intended for use except as indicated.

Packaging Information
Adapt2Fit 32” Baseplate

Catalog #1020-BP

Quantity: 1

Aluminum Boot with Distractor Block

Catalog #803-ABD

Quantity: 1

Quad Clamp or Pin Button Clamp

Catalog #120 or #713-717

Quantity: 1

Adapt2Fit Sterilization Tray

Catalog #706-A2

Quantity: 1

Adapt2Fit Drop Pins

Catalog #1020-DP

Quantity: 4

Adapt2Fit Baseplate Connector

Catalog #1020-CT

Quantity: 1

Teflon Pad

Catalog #114-TP

Quantity: 1

Spring Handle Assembly

Catalog #803-114-SHA

Quantity: 1

Emergency Brake for De Mayo Knee Positioner

Catalog #803EB

Quantity: 1

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